VENO NEWS:Tribute To The World Renowned Evangelist,Rev. Mother Esther Abimbola Ajayi @ 60
Date: 05-05-23

By Apostle Muyiwa Adeyemi

There is no doubting the fact that Reverend Mother Esther Abimbola Ajayi, the founder of Love of Christ Generation (C&S) Church (LOC), who turned 60 years on April 2, 2023 means different thing to different people.
To some, she is a world renowned Evangelist, Prophetess and a rare woman, who is very passionate about the work of God, a true lover of Jesus Christ and the promoter of ‘Celebrate the Comforter’. Some see her as a philanthropist, who can spend her last resources to execute any project she believes in. They will quickly make references to how Esther Ajayi Foundation has impacted the six continents in the world by putting smiles on the faces of the vulnerable and executing multi-billion naira projects to help reduce or eliminate suffering of the people.

While some see her as a celebrity and an influential woman, mingling with the low, the mighty and powers that be in the society, whether in religious or secular circle – from American top tele-evangelist, Pastor Mike Murdock to Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye, Pastor Oyedepo, Pastor Abiara to mention few, or former President Olusegun Obasanjo, Ooni of Ife, Oba Enitan Adewusi, Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu and many state governors in Nigeria.
Indeed, she is one woman that has had and still recieving red carpet reception all over the world. However, ask some people about Mama Ajayi, despite her global accolades, they will quick to say, “Her own too much.”
Recognizing the fact that her mien attracts different comments, I would rather write on my personal experience with her.
…As Chief PRO of the C & S Unification
In 2019, I proposed to hold a Seraph Media Summit to chat a new course for the image laundering and rebranding of the church because of negative perception by a section of the public that are ignorant of the doctrine and value of the C & S.
The proposal was approved by the National Executive Council (NEC) of the church but with no cash backing.
A committee of prominent media practitioners who are Seraphs were set up for the implementation and we did a budget, which ran into about six million naira. We approached some well meaning Seraphs we thought should sponsor the project. Some of them promised but failed to fulfill their promises.
But on one faithful Saturday, we got hint that Mama Ajayi would hold meeting with some people at Sheraton Hotel, Ikeja and a member of the committee advised we go and meet her, which I agreed.
On getting there, we met a lot of people at the meeting room but she was in another smaller meeting room attending to people and as soon as she got wind of our presence, including Reverend Taiwo Akinsola, Special Apostle Segun Adio and Apostle Omololu Olubode. She asked us to come in and on getting there, I saw her sitting on the rug while her guests sat comfortably on the chair. That was my first contact with her.
We met the late Nollywood comedian, Baba Suwe and his relations that came to thank her for sponsoring his surgery in abroad. He was very hilarious as he narrated his experience.
It was our turn to present our matter and why we consider the summit to be very important. She agreed and also narrated her efforts in making the world to understand that C & S is not what many think the church is and why she always wear her white garment to travel and meet Presidents of different countries.
She asked about our budget which was presented to her. We also told her some of the resource persons we have been trying to get and some eminent Nigerians we would love to grace the occasion and she promised to get them for us, which she did.
About a month to the July 6, 2019 proposed for the summit, I received a call from her and asked about our preparation and requested for my account details but I sent that of Seraph News to her, which our committee has agreed to use. Few minutes later, I saw a bank transaction details of Five Million Naira. I heaved a sigh of relief that the project is done and indeed, it turned out to be my major achievement as the CPRO of the church and a paradigm shift that assisted us to come up with strategy and roadmap for image making and rebranding of the church.

Journey to Jerusalem
While we were planning the summit, I saw a notice on the NEC officers’ platform where the former Secretary General of the Church, Snr Supt Apostle Olatunde Ogunkunle requested that those who had not been to Jerusalem but with valid International Passport should indicate, I quickly expressed my willingness to go, it has been my dream as a Christian to visit Jerusalem.
It was at the point of going for the registration that I knew that it was the same Mama Ajayi that wanted to sponsor hundreds of Christians to Jerusalem.
We had Seraph Summit on Saturday and the trip to Jerusalem was on Monday. It was a beauty to behold seeing over 400 people in white garment in a Turkish airline with a stopover in Istanbul before joining a connecting flight to Tel Aviv.
Turkey is an Islamic country, but she practically led a “revival” from the Arrival lounge with travelers from other countries joining to clap hands and taking photographs with the “Angels in whites”. The same thing happened at Ben Gurion Airport, Tel Aviv.
Mama Ajayi is a mother that believes in the welfare of her people. She ensured that hundreds of people she sponsored to the Holy Pilgrimage were lodged in the best hotels in Bethlehem, Nazareth and Jerusalem.
While on the pilgrimage, I was in her entourage to commission ICT and set of computers she donated to a school in Israel. A trip to Julis, a small community not too far from Nazareth was also very interesting and revealing on how she wiped off tears from a community that lost one of their Army Generals to a war.
But our spiritual experience at the Mount of Transfiguration will forever live with me. The mount was ignited with Holy Spirit immediately she stepped down, and revival began.
The management of the holy place had always maintained a perfect silence, but the protocol changed. There was an instant revival (isoji) and many went on trance, all the visions she gave came to pass to the glory of God.
Also at River Jordan where Jesus Christ was baptized, some of us did our baptism again but the joy here was that the name of Cherubim & Seraphim was boldly inscribed on the ‘wall of fame’ among other churches in the world. I cannot remember if any Nigerian church is also there, apart from C & S, courtesy Mama Ajayi.

Rwanda Experience
Around November 2019, I received a call from Mama Ajayi inviting me and my wife, Grace Omoye Adeyemi to be part of her entourage to Rwanda. It was an impromptu invitation that caught us napping as my wife needed to renew her International Passport before the date. I expressed my doubt to her that my wife’s passport may not be ready before the travelling date; she insisted that she would love her to be part of the trip. Surprisingly, we all made the trip. The journey was not essentially spiritual but to assist and wipe off tears from the eyes of the survivors of the genocide that saw about 800,000 people killed between April and July 1994.
The scar was still fresh to mothers who lost all their children and husbands to the war and many orphans who still hope to see their parents. Mama Ajayi made a huge donation to one of the foundations seeing to the welfare of the orphans and rehabilitation of the war victims. There was also a huge donation to Christian support group, Solace that was building a multi-system hospital for the vulnerable and war victims. She also saw to the completion of the hospital.
Joining a group of women during their fellowship gave us a firsthand experience of what people went through during the fratricidal war. How can one explain seeing a woman who lost all her six children and husband in one day singing high praises to God or a woman who claimed that four children with her were not her biological children. She picked them on the street with the belief that somebody would be doing the same to her children, she was not sure are still alive. We all betrayed our emotions as they danced away their sorrows. But each and everyone of the women that attended the fellowship went home with enough US dollars, enough to pay for their yearly house rent, courtesy Mama Ajayi.

Youth Empowerment
As I said in the beginning of this tribute that I was going to write about my personal experience with her, as a philanthropist, Mama Ajayi has empowered and encouraged hundreds of youths to pursue their academics. Only God knows the number of Seraph youths who are in her scholarship scheme. Some of them are in high brow private universities.
Whenever she sees brilliant or talented young Seraphs doing something great, she encourages them.
While discussing about the 2020 Seraph Day and what could be done to add spice to it, I told her about a 17 year old Seraph, who recited the whole of Psalm 119 , she said, that’s the longest Psalm in the bible and queried how possible it is. I told her that I’ve seen her reciting it and asked me to inform the chairman of the planning committee to include it in the programme.
Seraphim Land stood still as the young lady was reciting the Psalm, Mama Ajayi held tight her Bible and followed her, when the young Seraph got to verse 100 many hardly breathe, the suspense was high, there was a pin drop silence as she got to verse 150, as she mentioned verse 176, there was a pause, she completed it and the whole auditorium became electric. Mama Ajayi embraced her and promised her scholarship to study anywhere in the world.
It was after the event that I told her that she is my daughter. Tunmise Adeyemi is already a part four Law student at the University of Ibadan (UI) and Mana Ajayi has been faithful in paying her school fees and other allowances.
I can continue to write more and more on what she has done for humanity. I was at Sharaton Hotel, Ikeja when the Vice President of Liberia came to thank her for what she did for the vulnerable and less privileged in her country. Mama Ajayi rehabilitated Juvenile Correctional Centre in Ikeja and provided learning equipments worth several millions of naira to the inmates. She rebuilt the first office of the Lagos State Commissioner of Police in Ikeja and built a modern secretariat for the Lagos State chapter of the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) in Alausa, Ikeja.
This tribute will be too length if I dwell into the number of churches she has built or help to complete and her efforts in making sure Moses Orimolade Tunolase (MOU), Omu Aran, Kwara State is completed and other multiple projects in Seraphim Land, Km 40, Lagos/Ibadan Expressway.
Role model to Christian wives and mothers
Reverend Mother Esther Abimbola Ajayi is a model to Christian wives and mothers. Her moral standard is high and free of scandal. She is not just a loving wife to Rev. Dr. Ademuyiwa Ajayi, a renowned Bible scholar and gentleman, but a respectful wife that any responsible man will adore. Those who are close to the family will witness to the high level of respect she has for her husband and how she put him first in any of her dealings. They are friends, playmates, gist partners and lovers. “Daddy, watch your stomach and spend more time in the gym unless you won’t be smart at old age while I will remain smart,” she told her husband with smiles. He replied, “You think so, I will be smarter than you”. That is Ajayis for you.
At the church, where Jesus performed his first miracle in Nazareth at a wedding ceremony, the love birds go there every year to rededicate their wedding vows.
After spending almost a week in Kigali, Daddy Ajayi seemed tired of continental dishes and requested for eba. Mama Ajayi laughed and said you have come again. We quickly supported Daddy in his request because we were also missing local dishes. One of our hosts put a call to a Nigerian couple who provided local dishes on request. Few hours later hot eba arrived at Radisson Blue Hotel. While Mama Ajayi was at home with water and fruits, which have been her favourites, eba and vegetable made our evening.
Day we hosted Mama Ajayi
While in Rwanda, my wife had discussed her passion for children ministry with Mama Ajayi and her plan to register NGO to be able to prosecute molesters of minors and encourage many children without means to go to school. May 27, 2020 was fixed for the event at our local church in Ikotun. But Covid-19 was ravaging the land at that period but to our utmost surprise, Mama called on that morning to tell us that she had scheduled her movement to be with us on that day. We were elated and prayed that 2021 would be a reality.
On May 27, 2021 at about five minutes to 10.00 a.m. we planned to start the programme, Mama Ajayi arrived at our church with her entourage. The registration procedure for the children attending the programme was suspended for the programme to begin immediately. She was not in a hurry as she did not only launch the Amazing Grace Children Rights Foundation, but counseled the children on how they can make it in life. She danced and took pictures with the children who will not forget the event in their lifetime. Some of them also smiled to their homes with US dollar notes.
Her physical presence at the event was a great honour to us because we didn’t expect her to be physically present, the best expected from her was to send somebody to represent her. But Mama honoured us. That is Mama Ajayi for you and this is the Mama Ajayi I know.



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