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Date: 30-11-20

By Sunday Ade Ojo

It is not uncommon for aggrieved people to take to the streets protesting against one injustice or another in the world right now. In fact, it is in vogue and quite popular. Belarusians have been protesting for more than a dozen weeks consecutively against the stolen/manipulated presidential election some months back by the serial election winner or president who has been in power for more than a quarter of a century in Belarus. The sustained/spontaneous protests continue or are still ongoing. There are protests everywhere around the globe.

In recent weeks, Nigerians from all walks of the society have been protesting against police brutality. The very law enforcement officers who are supposed to protect lives and property frequently abuse their powers and hence brutalising the innocent citizens. Admittedly, there are good people amongst them but the rotten ones have taken the law into their own hands and become terrorists. The police unit, called SARS or FSARS, at the centre of the current controversy, was established close to FOUR decades ago. According to the mastermind of the unit, it was disciplined and professional before and the very purpose for which it was formed has been defeated. What a shame!

The Nigerian police or even the military used to be disciplined and envy of others across the sub-region, Africa and indeed the world at large. The story is pathetically different now. Everything is seriously not going well in the giant of Africa, Nigeria. People are incredibly angry, sick and tired of mismanagement, bad leadership and corruption.

The so-called leaders or politicians are selfish/greedy, power-drunk and satanic snakes. They won't change! The boiling anger amongst the populace is NOT only towards the SWAT (SARS changed to SWAT amid growing demand for the much dreaded unit to be disbanded) or whatever but also towards hardship and insecurity in the once economically buoyant, extremely rich and beautiful/unique country. Nigeria deserves much better from her leaders. But for corruption/ineptitude, no Nigerian should be suffering or desperate to travel abroad for greener pastures. The grass is not always green elsewhere. No place like home. Home is sweet!

Inasmuch as nobody condones the brazen lootings that have characterised the recently recent peaceful protests, sometimes turned violent across the nook and cranny of the country, there is absolutely nothing to justify the barbaric killing of scores of peaceful protesters in Lekki, Lagos State by unscrupulous military men. The right to peaceful protests or assembly is one of the fundamental human rights.

Who ordered the crazy/insane thugs to use live ammunition or weapons? The perpetrators must be brought to book. Every rational government has to show maximum restraints while dealing with any protests. Where there is no justice, there can be no meaningful peace. The families of those killed and the entire world demands justice. Prayers and thoughts are with the bereaved families. May the dead rest in peace!

At present, things have seemingly simmered or calmed down in the country. The protests should have been sustained until every demand is met. Protesters are urged to summon courage and not back down. Nigeria is on a slippery slope. There is gross inequality in a nation of more than 200 million population ruled by a few elite and continuously sledge-hammered by the same set of stupid people.

Senators in Nigeria are richer than some African countries. Fact! How did they amass their ill-gotten and stupendous wealth if not through corruption? Only spontaneous REVOLUTION can save the vast country. No democracy or govt can. Not even the present generation of myopic leaders or politicians. Nigerian story is pathetic!

In every rumour, there must be some atom of truth. The controversy theory as regards the president of Nigeria is worth writing about. Muhammed Buhari or his body-double (a school of thought believes that the real Buhari is dead) is a BIG disgrace to the once respected nation. Very sluggish and tall-for-nothing guy who can not even talk or speak English properly. Whether he is Buhari or Jubril from Sudan, time (not Time Magazine) will tell.

Sadly, the president of the best economy in Africa and one of the richest countries in the world always can't SORO SOKE (speak loud and clear). Hash tag SORO SOKE WEREY (speak loud madperson/idiot) is trending on social media currently plus #ENDSARS/SWATNOW. Those who used to shout SAI BABA or continue to support/sympathise with the frail-looking and now almost recluse man should be ashamed of themselves. They are sycophants/bootlickers. Again and again, Nigeria deserves much better.

Generally, Nigerians are very resilient, generous and hardworking. A Yoruba adage says that when a goat is pushed to the wall, the goat will fight back. The situation in the Federal Republic of Nigeria cannot continue as it is. Change is inevitable and the much-needed change will come pretty soon.

However, some countries like Ghana, for example, don't even have respect/regard for Nigeria nowadays simply because of weak leadership. How does one explain the demolition of the Nigerian Embassy in Accra, Ghana earlier this year without due process/consultation? That crazy thing would not have happened under the watch of the late General Abacha or Olusegun Obasanjo (notoriously not a fan of either of them). But credit must be given where it is due. The vague apology or so by the government of Ghana is irrelevant.

Nigeria MUST take its rightful/relevant place in the comity of Nations. Very few countries in the world are as uniquely unique as Nigeria. Nigerians are known or have a history of giving their foods to visitors and go to bed hungry. One of the numerous values that make the country great.

Finally, police brutality in Nigeria or any other country has to stop. Protests against the barbarism or any other injustice must continue until demands are met. Protests are a beauty of democracy. Peaceful protesters are advised not to relent or be discouraged. Potential looters of public or private property are urged to desist from such acts. Two wrongs will never make a right. God save Nigeria! God save the world! The story continues... Peace!

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