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VENO NEWS: I Haven’t Been Stagnant Even In The Midst Of Crisis, Challenges---Mr. Tunde Olaogun, CEO, Royalty Lounge & Suite Declares
Date: 15-01-21

The chief executive of Royalty Lounge & Suite , Mr.Babatunde Olaogun has carve a niche for himself even amidst scare resources as a business man, politician and has veered into hospitality business
The easy- going Olaogun studied Microbiology at the prestigious Lagos State University (LASU) and an associate member of Nigeria Institute of Management recently celebrated his birthday amid fun..

In this encounter with the Publisher of VENO International Magazine, SANYA OJO, He spoke on business, private life and orphanage known as Love Home Orphanage, CMD Road, Magodo, Lagos, Nigeria

He however used this medium to acknowledge the support of his good friend, Dr.Musa Shamsudeen from Malaysia..Happy Reading!

Q: Congratulations on your birthday, how do you feel?

A: I feel good. I am elated. I give God Almighty all the glory for the gift of life.

Q: Looking Back, Are You Fulfilled?

A: Absolutely, I am. I haven’t been stagnant even in the midst of crisis and challenges, God has remained faithful

Q: What Has Life Taught You?

A: No pain, no gain

Q: Can You Recalls Your Upbringing?

A: Of course, YES! Like I mentioned in my previous encounter with you, I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth; but I’ve been able to carve a niche for myself even amidst scare resources

Q: Recently, There Was Campaign Of Calumny Against You To Rubbish Your Reputation, What Is Your Take?

A: As for me, it was a lesson. The experience made me understood life even better. Experience, they say is the best teacher. The campaign of calumny made me understand the heart of man even better. I remain true to myself and remain steadfast in my faith in God

Q Tell Us The Secret Behind Your Success Story?


Q: What Has Been The Challenges?

A: The challenges are uncountable but they are not insurmountable. God has given me the grace to witter the storm no matter how bad it may seem. I believe we shall overcome

Q: Can You Recalls Your Memorable Day In Life?

A: The day I lost my father-in-law. He was a good man

Q: Behind Every Successful Man, Their Must be not just A woman but a good one. Tell Us More About The Pillar Of Support

A: Hmmm. I got 3 support systems in my life. In no particular order, they’ve all been super good! My mum, my younger sister and my adorable wife. These women have shown that blood, indeed is thicker than water.

Q: Where Did You Meet Your Adorable Wife?

A: I believe you’re talking about my wife here. We’ve been friends since childhood. Luckily, God blessed our friendship with matrimony. So far, it’s been good and we’re grateful

Q: Experience In The Marriage?

A: It’s nothing major. Ours has been more of tenacity, trust, love and the collective belief that it takes two to tangle.

Q How Do You Settle Disputes?

A We rarely quarrel. I actually don’t have the strength to quarrel with anyone, not to talk of my wife. Ours has been a model and we intend to keep it intact till the end of time by God’s grace

Q: Talking About Love Home Orphanage, CMD Road, Magodo

A I am a product of grace. I believe in God and I believe that it is only by His grace that I’ve not been consumed. It is in that light that I felt the need to share the little God has blessed me with. I believe sharing these petty s will open even more doors of opportunity

Q Who Are The People Making Things Loud At The Orphanage Home?

A It’s been God all the way. However, I must acknowledge the support of my good friend and his family all the way from Malaysia. Dr Musa Shamsudeen isn’t just a friend. He has become a brother that I earned in the sojourn of life. He has appealed to me not to disclose the figure of his contributions to the orphanage, but I must confess that he shocked me. Musa Shamsudeen is a good man.

Q: What Do We Expect In The Next 10 Years?

A: I believe in the next 10years, Orphanage Homes will get more support and donations from corporate bodies and even Government entities in a bid to ensure the jewel lacks nothing

Q Tell us what makes Royalty Lounge & Suite Unique?

A: Royalty Lounge & Suites is unique in its entirety. Away from what I obtainable from a regular lounge and suites, we have ensure that we stand out in terms of effective and efficient service delivery to our teeming clients. We upgraded our facility from being situated in Ikeja to a more breathtaking edifice in Magodo GRA Phase 1. Ours is hospitality with grand attention. Once visit, you’re hooked

Q: What Are Your Advise To The Youths Looking Up To You?

A: Keep your head up. Do not be deterred by distractors. The sky is your starting point.

Thank you

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