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VENO NEWS: The Art Of Music Is A Gift To Me---Gospel Singer, Ejen Peace Odu
Date: 23-10-20

In a brief chat, Gospel Singer, Ejen Peace Odu revealed what you don't really know about her. Enjoy

Q: Let us meet you?

A: My name is Ejen Peace Odu. I am a graduate of History and international studies and hold a masters in strategic studies from the university of Lagos. I have been singing since i was nine years old. I am the creative director of Hairitage by Ejen and Style by Ejen a clothing and hair brand,

Q: Incursion into entertainment industry?

A: Although, i have been singing since i was 9 years old, my incursion into the gospel music industry has been since 2002 where i had my first song feature back then at the University of Calabar. I have been doing this professionally1for 12 years now.

Q: Why music and any other business?
A: Like i said i have been singing since i was young. The art of music is a gift to me; i think it's fair enough to say music chose me and i loved it. It's a situation of talent meeting preparedness as they say. It might sound cliche but it is what it is for me. It's my first love asides doing other things. The fact that i have this form of expressions that can preach peace, love, harmony amd point people to the one true God. It's a privilege to be a vessel and to be used. Apart from music, getting involved with people, interacting and providing solutions is part of my core mantra that's why when Lamode Disability Foundation gave me an offer to be their Work Force/ Field coordinator i jumped at it. Also, in time past i have worked with several Non Governmental organisations like Alpha International and Fair Life Africa Foundation. I believe everyone has the right to life, equal opportunities regardless of the circumstances surrounding their birth; helping the vulnerable and less privileged in our society is pertinent to fostering the growth of any society.

Furthermore, i run a beauty brand called Hairitage by Ejen, a clothing brand called "Styled by Ejen", a food packaging business and a talk show tagged "Crimson to wool". All these function under "The brand Ejen " which is the parent company.

Q:Who are your role model?

A: Honestly, when it comes to having role model i look up to Jesus the author and finisher of my faith first of all. Secondly, there are so many people that i love as a role model but one of them is Pastor Samuel Odu; the senior pastor and prophet of Newbreed Christain Centre, Abuja.
He nurtures, admonishes, gives advice and loves me as i am. It's quite easy for me because he is my elder brother and father( I say this with all humility) because i will rather have a role model that i can interface with, he is my blood, I'm comfortable with him, even when it difficult he cannot throw me away, we are family and I feel safe with him. Overall, some of the things that draws me to him is his humility, patience and calmness. He fears the lord and will never think of slandering me.

Q: Lesson in the industry?

A: One of the biggest lessons i have learnt in this industry is to solely depend on God and not man and to recognise that i am on a journey and shouldn't be looking at what anyone else has achieved. the

Q: Have you been harrassed in the industry?
Of course i have and these harrasment comes in different form, from people who call you to minister and tell you they are doing you are favour, to been on a record label deal that got messy and people come to mediate who don't even know what happened and make you look like a bad person. Lol(that i cannever forget in a hurry).

How many albums?
I have been putting out singles since 2014 and my first album "The awakening" is going to be debuted in 2021 by God's grace.

Any regret in the industry?
None! I have no regrets because i am running on the template and vision God has for my life and everything i have gone through gets me one step closer to where he wants me to be. The experiences that i had are my currency and legal tender that gives me more know how to run things. Infact, i am where he wants me to be because i am touching lifes, meeting people and serving people. This year alone i met 50 people internationally and almost 40 people here in Nigeria through my "Crimson to Wool" talk series on instagram, (that in itself is fulfilment because i realised the relationships that we built are wealth and I give God all the glory for that.)

What are your plans for 2021
We all know our plans are in God's hands but there are somethings i have asked him to give me the go ahead to do. Like shooting more videos, releasing "The awakening" album, starting the talk show on facebook too and not only instagram and also takimg it further to live studio recording. I pray God helps me and brings me the financial capacity to do all these things. I'm open to more international collaborations by God's grace.

Talk on the latest Single

Presently, i have two singles "Power flow " and "Only one God" while Power Flow" is a revival and a heart cry song calling on God to heal the land, for his power to flow in the nations of the earth, and for his kingdom to come, his will be done. See here:https://fanlink.to/ejen-powerflow

"Only one God" speaks to the fact that all that exists is God; reverencing the reality of his divinity as lord over all. One God and Father of all who is over all and through all and in all. (Ephesians 4:6).


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