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Date: 25-05-22

By Sunday Ade Ojo

"The offensive in Ukraine will continue as long as our objectives are achieved/met" - Russian Defence Ministry. Which objectives? The only objective is to invade and control the destiny of Ukraine. Well, Russia invaded but will never succeed, no matter the killings/destructions.

THREE MONTHS or a DOZEN WEEKS on, the unprovoked Russian aggression in Ukraine rages on with no end in sight. The plan originally was their so-called special military operation would take a couple of days or a week at most. A BIG miscalculation! So far so good, Ukraine has weathered the storm.

In life, if you are rich/powerful, stay humble and earn respect. Power belongs to God and the people. Honestly, not every Russian supports the unjust war on Ukraine. Only the idiots, scumbags and war-mongers do. A retired officer recently criticised the brutal attacks in Ukraine live on Russian TV saying the whole world is against us and within the space of 24 hours backtracked. The officer and his family will be dead soon enough.

Similarly, a seasoned diplomat yesterday tendered his resignation in protest against the invasion. According to the ministry of foreign affairs, the man is no longer with us. He is against us. Death surely awaits the diplomat. No democracy in Russia. No freedom of speech/opinion. Thus, everybody who is against the war, is seemingly tight-lipped.

Indeed, the whole world is against Russia except for a few countries like China and India. In the current circumstances, neutrality or sitting on the fence means stupidity. No sinners would go unpunished. The Chinese zero-COVID policy is no longer sustainable. Despite the complete lockdowns in big cities, cases and deaths are rising exponentially daily. Hence, China is failing to curb its own virus.

India, currently hit hard by heatwaves, has suspended wheat exportation barely a month after promising to feed the world or fill the gap due to the war in Ukraine, which is one of the exporters of wheat/grain to many nations across the globe. Other countries supporting or sympathising with Russia won't go scot-free.

Russia and Belarus erroneously think they can succeed in Ukraine, a democratic and peaceful country. The unprovoked aggression will end in failure. One of the consequences of the war is that Finland and Sweden, neighboring countries, have applied to join NATO, an alliance which remains the bone of contention as far as Russia is concerned. Not even the aggressor, Russia, can stop or dictate to them. Lessons learned from the invasion of Georgia and Ukraine. Pretty soon, Ukraine will be a full-fledged member of EU and NATO. Whoever does not like the idea can go to hell.

Half of everything in life is luck... Ukraine is a lucky country and not alone. Things are working luckily/miraculously in their favour. Not long ago, Ukraine won this year's Eurovision. And over the weekend, a proudly Ukrainian footballer in the person of Oleksandr Zinchenko, did help Manchester City FC win the English Premier League narrowly.

He was brought in as a substitute at halftime and made a significant contribution in the match to pip Liverpool FC to the title by a single point on Sunday. Super sub! The Ukraine international, who has been incredibly vocal about the barbaric Russian invasion of his country, broke down in tears as he thanked Man City for their support.

Ukraine is winning in every front and will definitely win the war, no matter how long it takes. Russia is simply trying to save face now. They have already failed! In the cities/towns occupied by them presently, the Russians are not welcomed and they will never be. The will of the Ukrainian people will prevail come what may. God save Ukraine! The story continues... Peace as always!

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