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Date: 26-04-22

By Sunday Ade Ojo

Insane people do insane things... TWO months on, Vladimir Putin intensifies his atrocities in Ukraine and the world watches on except for the unprecedented support worldwide and the military aid given to the war-ravaged nation by some Western countries, notably America and the UK.

Oh, the writing pen is finished. There is always a spare just like Russia has spare missiles yet to be fired to targeted areas including residential buildings, hospitals and schools in Ukraine, a democratic country that poses no threats whatsoever to its neighbours, the Russian Federation inclusive.

Ukraine does not deserve Putin's insane war on her territory. It is pure madness and gross cheating. Russia will FAIL! The Russian brigade accused of massacre or war crimes in Bucha and Borodianka, before withdrawing, is given awards by Putin. Unforgivable acts of barbarism!

After failing to capture/enter the capital, Kiev as planned initially, the focus of the Russian forces is now in the Donbas region, the Eastern part of Ukraine. According to one of Putin's generals, the main goal is to occupy the said area. Afterthought and face-saving! All the so-called generals sleep and put their heads in the same place. None of them is responsible. They are cowards and sycophants. Common-sense dictates that Ukraine will NEVER surrender an inch of its territory and the will of the people will prevail.

It's quite unfortunate and sad that Russians in general are incredibly stupid. Some, however, have conscience, especially those who are in exile. Putin's ambition is insane. And Russians are blindfolded or scared to effect a positive change. What a shame! 

Even the leaders of the respected Orthodox Church in Russia support or sympathise with the madman. They don't want to die with their families (the trend is in vogue now in the country). If you are afraid of death, thereby not telling the truth, you are already dead. The idiots/hypocrites should have shut up. Death is inevitable and visits everyone.

The situation in Mariupol and other areas in the South and East of Ukraine where Putin is expecting 'victory' before May 9, a Victory Day in Russia, is extremely dire. He will not be victorious God willing. The city of Mariupol is completely destroyed/annihilated. Some Ukrainian forces and civilians are blockaded at the Steelworks in the besieged city and they are still holding out...

Apparently angered by the sinking of the Russian flagship, MOSKVA, when hit by the Ukrainian missiles, contrary to the Kremlin's claim of FIRE incident, Putin openly gave an order for the place to be blockaded or sealed off so that not even a fly escapes, to use his parlance. Again, Russia will FAIL.No amount of lies will make them to succeed! They continue to count their losses clandestinely.

Volodymyr Zelensky is advised to forget about diplomacy or negotiating with Putin. You do not negotiate with terrorists. In fact, Antonio Guterres, the UN Secretary-General who is due in Moscow/Kiev this week and any other consummate diplomats like Emmanuel Macron of France (Congrats to him on his historic reelection) should forget about diplomacy. Putin is uninterested. Assassination or death to him is the ONLY viable option. 

The West/NATO should have stopped the stubborn man (he understands the language of force) from invading Ukraine from the get go. They too are cowards! 

What gave the unpredictable BOJO, the UK Prime Minister, the impression that Putin may win the war? Whether a realistic possibility or not, he will NOT win. BOJO, despite his help so far, is advised to concentrate on his "Partygate" saga at home. Quite unpredictable a guy!

Ukrainians are united and more determined to liberate their country, untold destructions/killings notwithstanding. Ukraine will be rebuilt and great again.They are not alone. Thoughts and prayers are with them. Happy Easter to the brave/courageous people of Ukraine. The story continues... Peace as always!

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