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Date: 10-04-22

Ukraine is a peaceful, sovereign and democratic country with extremely nice people. Hence the overwhelmingly overwhelming support for and solidarity with the nation in the face of the barbaric Vladimir Putin's war that has entirely destroyed the once beautiful country.

The war rages on and Ukraine will definitely prevail. There was/is no justification for the massacre being unleashed by the Russians on their neighbour, brothers/sisters and families. Anyone who supports or sympathises with Putin is evil.

Some deluded/myopic people tend to draw parallels between Ukraine and war-torn countries like Yemen, Palestine, Somalia etc. And the lying hypocrites blindly argue about their perceived hypocrisy of the West/NATO. Why did the Western countries not intervene in or support Palestine/Yemen and bla bla bla? Arrant nonsense! Ukraine is different. No terrorism/extremism in the country. There are strifes/conflicts everywhere across the globe but nothing like blatant invasion as seen in Ukraine. The territorial integrity of the country is NOT negotiable.

Iraq under Saddam Hussein did invade/annex Kuwait, a neighbouring and rich country. America and its Allies restored sanity and that led to the overthrow of Saddam and ultimately his death. Nobody talks about the story. The same scenario should have happened in Russia-Ukraine saga.

Evil people MUST die or be put to shame. Captain Imran Khan, the former PM of Pakistan visited Russia on Day one of the invasion apparently to show solidarity with Putin. 'Interesting' was his reaction to the senseless aggression. Khan was ousted as PM yesterday by a no-trust/confidence vote. The former cricket captain has now become the former PM. Good riddance! The rest is history...

Putin is evil. He will not go scot-free or unpunished for his stupid actions in Ukraine. His days are well numbered. He is surrounded by cowards/sycophants. 

The graphic images/videos seen in Bucha, Borodianka and other territories/towns around Kiev, the capital, where the tired Russian forces have withdrawn are graphically graphic. Mass graves, dead bodies strewn on the streets with their hands tied behind their backs, completely destroyed houses/buildings, deliberate shelling of hospitals/schools, crowded train station etc.These are obviously war crimes or crimes against humanity. Those responsible MUST be brought to account.

Putin's strategy now is face-saving. The Russian troops have clearly suffered significant losses and are presently focusing on the Eastern part of Ukraine. There are Russians with conscience. They can't be blindfolded by lies or propaganda forever. Putin has woefully failed despite appointing a new general with brutal history. His inordinate ambition to declare victory over Ukraine on May 9, a victory Day in Russia, won't come to pass. No victory to declare as yet and he will NOT be victorious. 

Kudos to the brave people of Ukraine. They are more united than ever before. Kudos to BOJO, the British PM, for his surprised visit to Ukraine. He is courageous unlike Emmanuel Macron of France who prefers to negotiate with terrorists and NOT calling a spade by its name. Macron is currently seeking reelection. God save him.

Volodymry Zelensky and Ukrainians in general remain eternally grateful for the overwhelming support worldwide. They need more arms and ammunition. India, China and other sit-on-the-fence nations can go ahead watching on from the sidelines. Who cares? Ukraine will prevail and be great again. The story continues... Peace!

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