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Date: 08-04-22

By Sunday Ade Ojo
Nigeria is a country that needs no introduction. Anyone who keeps up with the news will know the uniquely unique country now unfortunately, journeying on the slippery slope. Even the recently/newly born babies in bomb shelters in the war-ravaged Ukraine must have heard of the nation called Nigeria. The deaf and dumb know the country whose nationals/citizens are everywhere in the world like the Chinese.

Nigeria used to be a flourishing and rich country. It is presently a confirmed failed State. Democracy is the government of majority people. There is no democracy in the nation reputed to be the most populous black country. For the past couple of decades, things have not been going well in the seemingly cursed State. And the country continues on the slippery slope.

The so-called politicians/leaders are selfish and corruptly corrupt. They can't change as a leopard can't change its spots. Old habits, they say, die hard. The bunch of idiots/thieves will NEVER take Nigeria to the promised land.

Electioneering campaigns are currently ongoing across the country. It's quite unfortunate that the masses are gullible and poverty-stricken. Otherwise, the country should have been taken back from the rogues masquerading as politicians/leaders long time ago. Again, there is no democracy in Nigeria and military government is preferably preferable.

No discipline. No decorum. No patriotism. No trustworthiness. No fear of God despite the country being one of the most religious countries in the world. Everyone is a fraud. Everyone is fake. Nothing works well and the situation remains dire.

Indeed, happenings in Nigeria - corruption, banditry, insurgency, kidnapping, terrorism/extremism, herdsmen menace etc are sickeningly sickening. Incredibly annoying/irritating. When insurgency lasts for more than twenty-four hours, your government has a hand in it..., apologies to the former Nigerian leader, late Sani Abacha. Truism!

The Nigerian government is inept and weak. The frail-looking and sick Muhammadu Buhari is the worst leader Nigeria ever had. Those who used to say 'Sai Baba' and voted for the hypocritical terrorist should be ashamed of themselves now. The dire situation in Nigeria has gone from bad to worse under his leadership. He does not even have the aura of a leader, let alone a good/great leader. The tall-for-nothing man is a big DISGRACE. He is a complete failure. Black and white! History will definitely not be kind to and forgive him. 

Everyday, sickening and outrageous things are happening in Nigeria. The ineffective government is somehow complicit in everything. What explanation can be given for unsafe scenarios across the vast country including the seat of power - ABUJA? No security!

Last week, there was a terrorist attack on the Abuja-Kaduna train in which scores of innocent people got killed and some taken hostage by the terrorists/bandits. The train was reportedly hijacked by the ragtag militants and they carried out the heinous acts/atrocities at will...

Chinelo Megafu, a medical doctor, is/was one of the people who died from gunshot wounds sustained during the terrorist attack on the train. Pathetic! Her case is more pathetic in that she tweeted as follows: I have been shot. Please pray for me! Some people responded to the tweet and called her a liar. 

Shortly afterwards, Chinelo died. She died chasing a dream. The young and beautiful lady died simply because Nigeria is unsafe. Very sad! May her soul and the souls of other victims rest in peace. Prayers and thoughts are with the bereaved families.

As far as terrorism is concerned, the northern part of the country is the hardest-hit. In the region where the seat of power is, they claim to be more religious than God. Religion is a problem in the world right now. Earlier this week, a convicted atheist was sentenced to life imprisonment for blasphemy. Terrorism is NOT blasphemy. How original!

Things will NEVER go well in Nigeria and elsewhere as long as people pretend to be more religious than God and hypocrisy thrives. In fact, the whole world is upside down because of religion and politics.

However, some proud/patriotic Nigerians are yet to come to terms with the failure of almighty Nigeria to qualify for the football World Cup in Qatar later in the year. It is shockingly shocking! The Nigerian team needed a slim or unconvincing win at home against Ghana, a rival country, but could not. In football and generally everything, Ghana is too small in comparison to Nigeria. The fact that the former got Independence earlier than the latter notwithstanding.

At standard temperature and pressure, Nigeria, being the giant of Africa, should always be one of the countries to represent the continent on the world stage.it is quite unbelievable/unimaginable that some Nigerians are happy, for one reason or another, that the national team will not be at the world cup tournament in Qatar. Truth must be told, some Nigerians have lost interest in the upcoming competition cos Nigeria is not participating. Not everyone is notoriously a die-hard football fan. 

Finally, but for mismanagement and bad leadership, Nigeria would have been a shining example in Africa. Unless and until radical reforms happen in the country, the future looks dangerously bleak. God save Nigeria! The story continues... Peace as always!

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