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OPINION: THE OSCARS 2022 By Sunday Ade Ojo
Date: 29-03-22

An Oscar is an Academy Award organised yearly by the members of the Academy. This year's Oscars mark the 94th Academy Awards. The almost a century showpiece as usual took place last night in Los Angeles, America. Nothing actually happened last year due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

There is no news like bad news! Ordinarily, the award ceremony would have come and gone, not particularly noticed by many across the globe. But the glamorous and electrifying night was overshadowed by a bizarre incident/assault.

Comedian Chris Rock, one of the presenters, cracks a joke about the hairstyle of Will Smith's wife. Smith is a renowned actor, well loved and respected in America and beyond for his actions in different movies. His wife has a problem with her hair. Hence, she prefers barbing instead of using a Brazilian hair or artificial hair. Undoubtedly, she looks like a man except for her feminine dress. Hair is the beauty of a woman/lady.

When Chris Rock talks jocularly about the said hair, at first, Will Smith laughs it off. But all of a sudden, Smith stands up, goes straight to the comedian/presenter of the night and gives his a dirty or 'Oscar' SLAP, live on television and watched by millions around the world. A moment of madness! Wonders shall never cease indeed...

Rock, bewildered, simply smiles and continues with his jokes. The action of Will Smith is shameful and embarrassing, though not to his immediate family in that his gay-like son supports it. Like father, like son. A school of thought believes that the incident might have been staged. Far from that, it is really real and provoked as it were.

People, especially celebrities should learn how to control their emotions or react to 'expensive' jokes. Shortly afterwards, Will Smith was nominated as the best actor on the faithful night. 

The programme did go on as if nothing happened. In his tearful/emotional acceptance speech, Smith apologised profusely to the members of the Academy and others but refused to apologise to Chris Rock for his childish behaviour. According to him, love can sometimes make you do crazy things. Foolish sentiment!

Love is not crazy. Smith was simply out of his mind. If truly he loves the woman, he should have been more mature in handling the matter. Love endures. Love is patient. Love tolerates. Love is NOT irrational.

Will Smith should have gone to Russia to slap Putin for invading Ukraine. There was, however, a minute of silence and solidarity/support for the country during the award night, characterised by some controversies. In the end, the award-winning celebrities/stars were celebrating with their statuettes. Life goes on...

Chris Rock has since declined to file any charges against Will Smith and the rest, as they say, is history.The story continues... Peace!

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