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Date: 24-03-22

One month on, the so-called Western/NATO leaders watch on as Russia intensifies its atrocities in war-torn/invaded Ukraine. It is an open secret or noteworthy that NOT every Russian supports Putin's miscalculated war in Ukraine as evidenced by the daily protests against the madness despite the threats of arrest/detention in Russia. One of his advisers has reportedly quit and left the country apparently in objection to the unacceptable invasion. Some people have conscience!

The unjust war, foolishly referred to as a special military operation, by the foolish man is without any doubt not going as planned. By now, Putin and his thugs thought Ukraine would have surrendered. Ukrainians are fighting bravery and with determination to defend/liberate their beautiful and democratic country. 

Honestly, the Western leaders, American leader in particular are not doing enough in helping Ukraine. They are sending weapons. They are talking/meeting. They have imposed largely cosmetic/symbolic sanctions on Putin and some oligarchs linked to him. They are predicting what the devil reincarnate might do next, including the possible use of chemical weapons. They are afraid/scared of Putin. They are weak. They are cowards!

What Ukraine needs right now is a no-fly zone which the weak leaders have refused bluntly for fear of escalation. They don't want to go into direct war with Russia. Foolish sentiment! Their children are not going to fight the war. However, a NATO Supreme Commander thinks otherwise and says that Putin understands the language of force. If no-fly zone could be imposed in Syria and Libya, why not Ukraine? Twisted credit to BOJO, the PM of UK. He has been helpful. Incredibly helpful! He is NOT completely useless.

Again, Ukraine needs a no-fly zone to avoid more humanitarian crises. The war has already escalated. In fact, the Russian military is NOT as formidable as previously thought. Putin is now trying to save face, literally begging Ukrainians to surrender. His demands for peace are crazy just like him. Would he accept such peace proposals if he is Zelensky, the intelligent president of Ukraine? There should be no peace talks between both of them. You do not negotiate with the devil. Putin, a pathological liar, is NOT interested in peace but only his inordinate ambition. He can't and should not be trusted.

Women and children mainly bear the brunt of the massacre in Ukraine. So far, more than TEN million people are internally displaced or have fled the country. Kudos to Poland, a neighbouring country, for being so welcoming/accommodating to the refugees who are above TWO million and counting...

The Pope is more gravely concerned about the dire situation, incessant shelling and bombardment in Ukraine than the Western leaders. Putin has refused to listen to him or any voice of reason/sanity. He is supposedly a Christian quoting the Bible last week during the stage-managed occasion to mark the 8th anniversary of the unlawful annexation of Crimea, a territory of Ukraine 

Not even God can convince Putin to stop his aggression in Ukraine. He is a war criminal indeed and deserves to be cut off permanently. As Lindsey Graham, a US Republican Senator said, he should be assassinated. He is insane and not thinking straight. Anyone who supports or sympathises with him for whatever reason is insane. There can be no justification for his stupid action. 

You can level/destroy a country with the latest hypersonic missiles. You can't level/destroy the will of the people. The Putin war has united the brave Ukrainians more than ever before. Ukraine will WIN!

History/posterity will NOT forgive the Western leaders for not stopping Russia from the get go from invading Ukraine. Not only every inch of NATO territory should be defended if attacked/invaded but also any democratic and peaceful nation on the surface of the Earth. Shame on them especially the frail-looking and sick American leader. Hateful people! Ukraine will prevail... You are NOT alone! The story continues... Peace!

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