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VENO NEWS: There is Noting Wrong Adopting A Child, No Regret Operating Orphanage Home--- Prof. Charles Ohiku Declares
Date: 15-01-22

Prof. Charles Ohiku, an Edo-born educationist who doubles as the founder of Voice of Watchman Orphanage Home, ijako, Ogun State, Nigeria.. He is equally, the Board Chairman, Christian Research Institute and has revealed that there is noting wrong in adopting a child. Therefore, he has no regret operating an Orphanage Home. He made this known in an interview session with the duo of SANYA OJO and Dele Adeoye On Friday . Excerpt

Q: Let us meet you sir?
A: I am Charles Ohiku, born in Edo State, Nigeria..I have a ministry known as Voice of Watchman incorporated as a church but the mode of operations is different.We have a mission for the less- privileges and set up HOPE Foundation under the unbrella of the ministry.. HOPE stands for Hospital, Orphanage, Prison and Evangelism but the Orphanage Home is more pronounced because of its positive effects on many people that are seeking for children to adopt, some children have been abandoned by their parents now in our custody with police approval..We worked strickly with the police , this approval by the police is as result of being a registered entity with the state government as Orphanage Home.. However, some children have been abardoned due to pertanity issue and court refferred them to us.

Q: For How Long Have You Been Operating As Orphanage Home?
A: We legally started in 1993 but we have been existing in Ijako, Ogun State for over four decades

Q: What has been the challenges?
A: The challenges are enoumous and we have been funding it alone and weather the storm.. Before we started, we envisage the challenges but no more.
Q Do you think Government Has Really Helped Orphanage Home in Nigeria?
A: Government has not been encouraging Orphanage Homes in Nigeria ..We have not received any grant despite that we are helping the society..People who are supposed to be miscreants, armed robbers terrorizing citizen have been taking away from the street.. Appreciation goes to the philanthropists, churches and individuals who are really supporting us
Q What are your advices for the govt?
A: Government needs to saniitize the public, from my own experience.. Recently, a man killed 3 children and we knew what happened to them..It was due to financial constraints.. Many had been caught thrown new baby to the toilet, bush not knowing that there are people looking for children to adopt..Some have been moving from one mountain to another in search of fruit of womb but no avail..Good news, you can adopt a child and you don't need to kill the baby..If there is awareness created by the government, it would educate the public more about adopting a child. What you need to do, go to the nearest police station if you are in such situations..We have picked babies in the toilet,and unwanted babies .If they are aware that they can walk to the station, get confidence of the police who knows all homes that are recognized by the government..
Therefore, the rate at which people throw new baby into toilet,and bush is alarming. A boy was brought from Iyana Ipaja, Lagos, tied in the leg and dumped at Obasanjo.The ministry of women and other agencies of government needs to sensitize the public on the process for adopting and instil confidence in them because people are afraid..Rather than throwing child away say no to that and visit a recognized home registered by the govt..Some will even sells for #50,000 but if you pass through a normal process and you can be compensated to start a new life .
Q: Tell us the process of Adopting a child ?
A The process of adoption in Ogun State, Nigeria has procedures, register with government and write application for adoption..They would introduce you to a registered home and you will pay a visit because they are not manufacturing them..Police report will be submitted. Immediately, a child is brought, will be reported to the appropriate quarters in Abeokuta and a notification will be published in a national newspaper (Tribune) for 21 days..Meeting will hold in Abeokuta, go to your house and investigate if you are capable of taking care of the child because they don't want the child to suffer and after 3 months before any action could be taking
Of course, it is a good thing to release the child for adoption and we do a follow-up since we have their contacts
Q: Any Regret?
A: No regret, very happy and noting wrong in adopting a child ..Many even organizing elaborate party once you put smiles on them..Some will even bring their pastors.
Q: As an educationist, are you satify with the level of education in Nigeria?
A: If I am not satisfied, what can I do? Education has not ended in the classroom..It starts from home and boils down to individual..Do the children listening again as a result of social media effects? They talks about paper qualifications and something you can't force to change it.
Q: Recalls your upbringing sir?
A: I was born and brought up from a discipline home in Edo State, Nigeria and you can't see those days in Nigeria.. There was orderliness, things have changed with the advent of social media and churches are not really helping the matter with their ways of preaching prosperity..
A: Advise?
A: We all have our areas and my area are: Sociology, Philosophy and Religion..These have really helped me..

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