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Date: 02-01-22

1. Year 2022 is a prosperous year. A year of laughter for many people. A year of divine vengeance and punishment for the oppressors of the poor.

2. Agricultural produce will be very surplus in 2022. A year of bountiful harvest for farmers. The price of rice will fall in 2022.

3. We should pray for people living in the Northern part of Nigeria to avert unfortunate happenings that can claim many lives in the year 2022.

4. We should pray against sudden death of a mighty personality in the ruling party (APC) in the year 2022.

5. Nigerians should pray against sudden deaths of two sitting Governors and three former Governors in the year 2022. We should also pray against the death of a very popular former Nigerian president very early in 2022.

6. We should pray to avert sudden death of a very prominent professor in South West Nigeria in 2022

7. God said he is going to put an end very soon to the fears of Nigerians as a result of the prevalent criminal and terrorist activities bedeviling the country that prevent citizens from going about their normal daily economic activities.

8. Nigerians should pray against catastrophic fire outbreaks that may destroy at least 30 big markets in Nigeria in 2022. We should also pray against a serious fire outbreak on a high-rise building of a bank in Lagos that can claim many lives in 2022.

9. Year 2022 will be very bitter for kidnappers. Bitter judgments await them in the year 2022.

10. Nigerians should pray against a second catastrophic event that can claim thousands of lives in Lagos in 2022 like the incident of Ikeja cantonment bomb blast that happened in January 2002.

11. Nigerians should pray seriously for the Muslims travelling to Mecca to avert plane crashes in the year 2022

12. Massive failures will be recorded in the SSCE & JAMB examinations to be conducted in the year 2022.

13. There is going to be serious and prolonged strike action in the Nigerian Tertiary Institutions in 2022 as a result of Government’s failure to meet their requests.

14. Dollar exchange rate will fall massively in 2022.

15. God said those that are strongly addicted to alcoholic drinking should be seriously cautioned as deaths arising from poisoning will be prevalent in the country in 2022.

16. Ghanaians should pray against serious crisis and economic hardship in 2022.

17. United States of America is going to embark on a serious reprisal conflict with China in the year 2022.

18. Iran is going to face a neighbouring country in a serious battle over land dispute that will claim many lives in the year 2022

19. Israel is going to enter into a terrible war with a certain country in the year 2022. The country will be mercilessly destroyed by Israel because Israel nation wants to return to their own land.

20. There is going to be serious conflict and fighting in the Nigerian National Assembly (Senate) over sharing of money in the year 2022.

21. God said we should pray to avert the sinking of a very large ship with overloaded cargos coming to Nigeria in 2022. The unfortunate occurrence to happen when the ill-fated vessel is almost approaching the Nigerian shore.

22. We should pray against sudden death of 3 great ministers of God in 2022

23. God said 3 prominent, but fake ministers of God will be exposed in the year 2022.

24. God said year 2022 is a year of severe and gruesome judgment for kidnappers. Many kidnappers will be apprehended and killed.

25. God said we should pray seriously for traditional rulers in Nigeria to avert sudden deaths among them in the year 2022. (3 in the South West; 4 in the North; and 2 in the East)

26. A great political party in Nigeria will fall apart in the year 2022.

27. God said we should pray against sudden death of a very prominent presidential aspirant in the year 2022.

28. God said there will be enormous rainfall in 2022. The sea will also overflow into the city and many property will be destroyed.

29. We should pray very well against catastrophic rainfall and floods that will destroy many houses and also lead to the collapse of 3 high-rise buildings that will claim many lives in Lagos in the year 2022.

30. God said we should pray for ATM/POS business operators to avert robbery attacks in the year 2022.

31. We should pray against massive deaths among theatre actors and actresses across the country in the year 2022. (7 from West and 4 from East)

32. We should pray against sudden death of a very great and popular Juju musician in Nigeria in 2022.

33. Nigerians should pray against serious religious conflict in the Northern part of Nigeria that can lead to massive bloodshed in the year 2022.

34. Nigerians should pray seriously to avert unexpected bomb explosion at a political campaign ground that will claim many lives ahead of the next general elections.

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