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Date: 27-10-21

In Nigeria, the now disputed giant of Africa, SUNDAY ADEYEMO, also known as IGBOHO OOSA, is a household name. He is a young freedom fighter, businessman and recognised philanthropist. 

Adeyemo, in recent years, has been in the forefront of liberating his people in the South-West of the country from the menace of Fulani herdsmen, kidnappers and bandits wreaking havoc in that part of Nigeria and indeed elsewhere in the big-for-nothing giant of the continent.

Insecurity is the order of the day and a norm in the nation governed by incompetent and sick people. At the moment, nothing seems to be working well and no one is safe apart from the corrupt and dishonest politicians/leaders and their families. Maybe they are not even safe as thought but far safer than the ordinary Nigerians. Sadly, insecurity is legitimised. What a failed country!

When Sunday Adeyemo, a reputed warrior, started his campaign to free his people coupled with the agitation for Yoruba Nation i.e. Oduduwa Republic, the government of the day has been plotting to assassinate/silence him. Government is powerful but God is more powerful!

Ighoho Oosa, widely loved and accepted by the Yoruba people, single-handedly intensified his godly campaign until some months back when the axis of evil government invaded/attacked his home unexpectedly in the middle of the night. A couple of people got killed and several arrested. Adeyemo, miraculously escaped unscathed.

Since then, he was declared wanted and to be shot/killed on sight. While trying to escape from Nigeria to Germany soon afterwards, the fearless man was arrested in Benin Republic on the orders of the Buhari-led administration. He who fights and runs away, lives to fight another day.

Ighoho did not commit any crime. His campaign/agitation, hitherto, has been violent-free. He is not a criminal! If Nigeria is properly run, everything is fine and in order, nobody will be agitating for secession. The shouts for Yoruba Nation now or Biafra Republic would not have arisen/surfaced. Big SHAME on the successive governments in Nigeria since Independence. All of them!

Gone are the days when the unity of Nigeria was not debatable/negotiable. It is now. But for bad leadership and corruption, the country would have been a shining example in Africa and the world at large. 

Sunday Adeyemo remains in prison in Benin Republic after several months. His plight is worrisome. A fortnight ago, he marked his birthday unusually in the prison and was reportedly poisoned allegedly by some unscrupulous elements/people from the Nigerian Embassy in Benin, where there are Yorubas. Anyway, it was not unexpected. The Nigerian government is in desperate attempt to kill the man of the people.

What is his offence really? Why is he still held in prison? Something is fishy! Well-meaning citizens of the South-West or Yoruba people including the former president of Nigeria, OBJ (notoriously not his fan) who fought a bitter war for the unity of the country, have gone to Benin Republic on behalf of Sunday Adeyemo, to no avail. Some keep on pressing the button remotely. Kudos to everyone of them!

If anything bad/tragic happens to Ighoho Oosa in Benin, the government of the country will pay a huge PRICE. It is not a threat but a warning. Benin Republic borders the South-West in Nigeria and Yoruba people are not cowards. They derive joy in fighting against injustice and cheating. Again, government is powerful but God is more powerful!

The authorities in Benin Republic are  advised to expedite action in the case of Sunday Adeyemo as justice delayed is justice denied. They claim to have laws in the nation. Laws are made by men. Nobody, repeat, nobody goes against the natural laws scot-free.

Finally, to err is human... Mistake increases experience. Experience decreases mistake. If you learn from your mistake, people will learn from you. Sunday Ighoho Oosa is NOT perfect! He should take solace in the fact that he is not left alone. His plight/travail is shared by many and on their minds. Above all, God is on his side! He should stay strong and positive/determined. There will be light at the end of the tunnel. The story continues... Peace!

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