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Date: 23-08-21

Afghanistan is a landlocked/war-torn or succinctly put, a cursed country in South Asia. Cursed in the sense that wars never cease/end in the nation and therefore remains very volatile and unstable. Afghans hardly know no peace. They live in perpetual fear and apprehension. Afghanistan is part of the global village, whatever happens in the troubled country reverberates across the entire globe.

Presently, Afghanistan is in the eye of the storm. Life is full of surprises. Last week, the world was surprised to hear/learn that Ashraf Ghani, the taciturn and humble former president of the country had thrown in the towel and unexpectedly fled to Uzbekistan, a neighbouring country, in the face of advancing Taliban forces. He is reportedly now in UAE. Quite unexpected, surprisingly surprising and shocking. 

Nobody expected the then embattled Ghani to abandon the country and his people so suddenly in that the government was negotiating a peace deal with the Taliban, a jihadist group that was in power over TWO decades ago before the America-led invasion of Afghanistan. When the Taliban were in control, the country was a safe haven for terrorists like the late Osama Bin Laden, the mastermind of the horrific terror attacks on September 11, 2001 in America. Hence the America-led intervention in Afghanistan.

The Taliban were easily removed from power and Bin Laden subsequently cut off permanently. Ever since, the United States of America, NATO, and Western forces have stayed put in the country, supporting the democratic governments up until recently when America abruptly withdrew her troops. The US leads, others follow dogmatically. Very sad scenario! They are mad dogs for disappointing the Afghan people.

As soon as the Taliban left power precisely 20 years ago, they vowed to regain control at all costs and insisted that America has the watch but not the time. Indeed! During the Taliban reign of terror in Afghanistan, there were human rights abuses, women and children maltreated, strictly strict Sharia law was in place and everything was upside down. The country became Islamic Republic.

Religion is a problem in the world right now. Every religion is supposedly peaceful. It is noteworthy that not every jihadist organisation supports or sympathises with the Taliban's ideology. Different terrorist groups with their different ideologies. The world is dangerously unsafe as a result of that.

Undoubtedly, the Taliban are synonymous with terrorism/extremism and the like-minded terrorists will be happy and regrouping in Afghanistan now that they are in control/power thanks to the shameful America withdraw. One of their leaders, most wanted by America, for terror activities has returned to the country from self-imposed exile. 

Despite the fact that the US had spent a lot of money and lost more than 200,000 lives in the war in Afghanistan, the way and manner in which they hurriedly/shamelessly backed out was ungodly and crazy. They are preoccupied with evacuating their nationals... Massive let-down and failure of leadership.

The God's own nation is currently ruled by satanic snakes. They are lying hypocrites! The weak/old president and his backers should be ashamed of the chaotic scenes and stampede at the Kabul airport. Bizarre! Afghans generally are desperately desperate to leave the country for fear of being killed/persecuted by the notorious Taliban who can't be trusted just like the people/Americans who paved the way for them. They are satanic snakes too and want the foreign forces to leave Afghanistan unconditionally as soon as possible. 

Definitely, they have external support clandestinely. Pakistan, Russia, Turkey and even China come to mind. The authorities in America should know that the most powerful/hated country on the planet Earth has unbelievable enemies. Soviet Union was defeated in Afghanistan. Almighty America now defeated by the ragtag militants. What a shame! What is worth doing is worth doing well and to a logical conclusion. 

In fairness, Russia under Vladimir Putin can't be defeated if in Afghanistan. Never! Putin does not betray/abandon his allies. Syria is a good example. If need be, he would use a chemical weapon to achieve his purpose/aim. He is more respected and powerful than the so-called American leaders in recent years. Putin may have been working behind the scenes to disgrace America in Afghanistan. He is an evil genius and more intelligent. Fact!

The United Nations, toothless bulldog, is just talking. No action. No condemnation! They are only appealing to the Taliban to allow humanitarian aid while their workers on the ground are fleeing the country. God will save the world!

The United Kingdom used to be a force to reckon with.. Not anymore! What the weird PM is saying that no country should hastily recognise the Taliban does not hold water. It is a shame! Even IRAN does not have regard/respect for Britain and America now. Who would listen to sick/weak leaders? 

Soon, very soon, the Taliban will be recognised by the UN, UK, America and other world powers as China, Russia, Pakistan and Turkey have already done so. And Afghanistan will remain in chaos or state of war/lawlessness. The Taliban do not believe in justice and the rule of law. There can be no peace without justice. God save Afghanistan! The story continues... Peace as always!

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