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Date: 13-07-21

Primate Ayodele Elijah has revealed why he doesn’t believe in theology schools for Christian clerics.

Ayodele, leader of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church said theology school is unscriptural and for career pastors.

“It is the career Pastors that go to Theology schools. I don’t believe in that. I’m a prophet who listens to God. If God is with you, he will teach and tell you all things. In the Bible, Jesus never attended theology school, same for other prophets.”

Primate Ayodele made the statement during the media unveiling of the 27th edition of his annual prophesy book ” Warnings To the Nations”.

Ayodele explained that the title of the prophesy book was divine, and it used to be known as Present and Future Watch around 1994 to 1996 before it was changed during Abacha era, adding that anything that is of God will come with provisions and right direction.

When asked how he avoided Scandal, he said he simply avoid social life and it’s issues.

” I am a village man. I am not a social person. I don’t go to party or speak big grammar. I am a local person. I love my critics. They should continue to criticise while I continue to do the work of God.

“For those who call me political prophet, it’s okay. Many Prophets in the Bible were seen as political because they spoke about the nations. Isaiah, David, Hezekiah, Jeremiah etc They spoke the heart of God to the nation.

Reacting on controversies around his prophesied, he said, “The prophesies are not mine but from God so if not heeded, God is in control. My role is to deliver them. Whether they listen or not, it’s up to God.

“Once I say the prophesies I don’t bother to publicise it when fulfilled. I am alone and with God. I don’t copy anyone. I don’t know anyone except God. I don’t want to copy anyone or belong to any of the societies in Christianity.

Speaking further at the event, Primate Ayodele carpeted the leadership of Christian bodies in Nigeria

He stated: “Christian bodies in Nigeria have not added any value to Christendom in the nation. All of them including Aladura, PFN, CAN etc. There is no leadership in Christendom. It has become hooliganism whereby officials begin to query pastors on how they acquired fame.

“They asked questions such as Who is this one? who’s his father in the Lord? I don’t have any Father or Mother in the Lord. I didn’t train under any pastor. I’m simply doing as God directs me. So, once you want to get closer to some people, it becomes an issue. They will say, we don’t know him. Nobody needs to be known to serve God.

“But the senior pastors don’t want others to grow. There is envy and hatred among church leaders. The problem started with Adeboye, Oyedepo, Kumuyi etc. They are the real problems, just there for their pockets.

They are doing nothing. Oritshejafor lost it as CAN President, Okogie lost it. The leadership lacks direction. There are problems and they failed to fix them.

“They are always there for government money at functions. We need a leader who is filled with the spirit and very vibrant.

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