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VENO NEWS: COVID 19 Sham In Northern State: Index Case not Real, offer money to keep silent
Date: 30-11-20

By Adebayo George

The last may not have been heard about all sorts of stories hoozing out from covid 19 shams in different states.
In one of the state boundary the federal capital, the covid 19 committee in the state is in confusion and also misleading.

The sources revealed that the index case in the state was taken away with other nine people to the isolation centre for two weeks. Several months after they were discharged with no papers to show for any tests, a member of the committee placed a call to the index case and started pleading that it was a mistake that the case was not related to the virus.

It will be recalled that the State assembly set up a committee to probe the activities of the committee while it must be mentioned that money is being offered to the index case to be silenced about the negligence and misleading information.

Why are they offering money? These are people saddled with serious responsibility. The Governor of the State even donated money personally to checkmate the spread of the virus but what is the committee doing?
Full details soon as investigation continues

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