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Date: 08-05-21


For some days now , the social media and other news platforms have been awashed with sensational news of Dr. DOYIN ODEBOWALE NURENI (HIGH PRIEST) of allegedly slapped a pregnant woman, an Environmental Worker of the Ondo State Waste Management Agency to state of coma which prompted the good Samaratans to quickly rushed the half dead pregnant woman to a nearby private Hospital when the Suspect, in person of Dr. Doyin Odebowale Nureni looked away without pity or concern for the dying poor lady.

It was reported that, the incident occurred at Erekesan Market, Akure before hundreds of people and subsequently led to a wild protest at the Ondo State Waste Management Office where the General Manager appealed to the Protesters.

It was well gathered that, this man, Dr. Doyin Odebowale Nureni is a Lawyer (not a PhD in Law) but a PhD holder in Classic who was dismissed from the University of Ibadan, Faculty of Arts as a Lecturer for an established unruly behaviour since 2017 to date.
From a comprehensive investigation and finding carried out at the scene of incident, various eye witnesses confirmed this brutish and inhumane treatment of Dr. Doyin Odebowale Nureni on this woman.

They attested to the fact that, Dr. Doyin Odebowale Nureni was simply infruiated at the pregnant woman when she didn't stand up to greet him when her colleagues did. It was reported that, the woman who is heavily pregnant was resting after a tedious assignment for the day and because of her condition, she could not rise up to greet their "lord" (THE HIGH PRIEST OF ONDO STATE GOVERNMENT).

In his sweeping reaction to this serious allegation, Dr. (Lawyer) Doyin Odebowale Nureni in an un-lawyerly manner and in his characteristic rude manner, he simply said ,I didn't slap a pregnant woman, l don't have time for propagandalists, let them be entertaining themselves, am on my way to Ore to clear the dirt and the roads.

Am not a Lawyer, but the questions that are urgently begging for immediate answers are:
1. Beyond I didn't slap a pregnant woman, which woman did you slap?
2. Were you at the scene of this reported assault that day and time in question or you were never at the place on that day and time in question?
3. That Dr. Doyin Odebowale Nureni equally claimed that, the woman in question was only pretending. What was her reason or purpose for this pretence?
4. From the scores of Defenders of the untouchable "High Priest", it was argued for his justification, that High Priest, Dr. Doyin Odebowale is the major pillar behind the recent Revenue Generation for Ondo State vide Okadas' and taxi/drivers' tickets selling, thus, the perceived enemies of Ondo State and or Akeredolu led administration against the Revenue Breakthrough are the people calling for the head of the innocent and hard-working Dr. Doyin Odebowale. The question here, is whether the victim, an Environmental Worker of the Ondo State Waste Management Agency is one the agents of Idajo and or that of aggrieved Okada Riders' Union proscribed by ARAKUNRIN ODUNAYO OLUWAROTIMI AKEREDOLU SAN?
5. Some of the pro Doyin Odebowale Nureni's insipid behaviour in the State have argued to justify the horendious action against the helpless Ondo State Worker, that this case of open assault was either cooked up or hyped against Doyin Odebowale in order to obstruct him from cleansing or sanitising Ondo State. The question is, how does an allegation of an open assault translate to an inhibition or obstruction to the Odebowale perceived official duty?
6. ARAKUNRIN ODUNAYO OLUWAROTIMI AKEREDOLU SAN is the bona fide Governor of Ondo State vide the mandate vested in him by the majority votes of the good people of the State and such, ARAKUNRIN ODUNAYO OLUWAROTIMI AKEREDOLU SAN is not any means greater than the law of the man because his governorship is Governor according to the law of the land not a maximum ruler above the law. The question is, does Dr. Doyin Odebowale Nureni, as the SENIOR SPECIAL ASSISTANCE TO THE GOVERNOR OF ONDO STATE ON SPECIAL DUTY place him above the law? The State Government needs to react to this fundamental question.
7. The general questions before Dr. Doyin Odebowale Nureni are very simple without committing further fallacy of petitio Principii " Begging the question", did you slap the woman? If no, then what was the real issue between you and the woman? Were you at the scene of reported assault that day and at the time of the incident? If no where were you?
I whish to specifically allude to a very funny post of a Facebook Account Owner called " GANI MOHAMMED AJOWA" Who asked whether there were no Android Phones to cover the incident. From the reactions to this embarrassing post, I was well pleased because, it was established against the man called " Gani Mohammed Ajowa and his likes on the social media" , that they are conditional apologists and boothlickers of HIGH PRIEST OF THE GOVERNMENT OF ONDO STATE for the purpose of securing an appointment in the second term of ARAKUNRIN ODUNAYO OLUWAROTIMI AKEREDOLU SAN. However, it is our consolation, that, the Governor of Ondo State, a Senior Advocate of Nigeria SAN was and still a fearless Human Rights Activist before his assumption of his present political position and what he demonstrated against the Federal Government when he was at point of chosing between his pressing second term ticket and the the safety/protection of his people from the Fulani herders, with human rights veins running in him he opted for the formation of AMOTEKUN SECURITY NETWORK. AKETI is a man we know to be preacher and practitioner of true Rule of Law and he can because of a purported Revenue Generation allow anybody to trample on the fundamental human rights of his citizen of any status ,race , tribe or standard. This is another acid test for our beloved ARAKUNRIN ODUNAYO OLUWAROTIMI AKEREDOLU SAN.
It is worthy of note that, the COMRADE SUNDAY ADELEYE LED NIGERIA LABOUR CONGRESS deserves an archolade for its human rights stance against the unwholesome attitude of this self-aclaimed Saint from ODE REMO, OGUN STATE. The position of the Ondo State NLC is well appreciated vide its strong LETTERS TO ARAKUNRIN ODUNAYO OLUWAROTIMI AKEREDOLU SAN, THE GOVERNOR OF ONDO STATE AND THE WIFE OF THE GOVERNOR, ARABINRIN BETTY ANYANWU-AKEREDOLU, WHO ACCIDENTALLY DOUBLED AS WOMEN/GIRLS RIGHTS CRUSADER.
Ondo people, Nigerians and the entire people of the World are patiently waiting for the Government of Ondo State and Arabinrin Betty Anyanwu Akeredolu's machinery for the protection for women and girls in our society if they will slaughter this open human rights under their watch at the artar of " BOGUS REVENUE GENERATION AND OR FOR ANY PURPOSE WHATSOEVER".
From the additional deep investigation into the characters of the man " Dr. Doyin Odebowale Nureni", it was discovered that, from home, is usual display here in the streets of Ondo State could be well understood by age-long associates in the University of Ibadan and most appreciated by his wife amiable "PROF..(MRS.) IRETI ODEBOWALE A LECTURER AT THE LAGOS STATE UNIVERSITY".

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